DoDie Sensation + flow 2 blue 270ml bottle

The new Sensation bottle + has a flat nipple which reproduces the flattened shape of the breast during feeding to encourage the transition from breast to bottle.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 6329847 DoDie Sensation + flow 2 blue 270 Ml bottle


Flat nipple: promotes the transition from breast to bottle.

Anti-colique: anti-colique technology directly integrated to the teat. The teat has a double valve which promotes regular air circulation in the bottle and not in baby's tummy.

Core: bottle in one piece.

Ergonomic Cap: easy to open with one hand. Exclusive design, triangular shape designed for baby's hand. 100% made in France.

directions for use:

Systematically clean the bottle after each meal. Never store / bottles. In case of wear, do not hesitate to change your bottle or your teat.


1 bottle 270 ml