DoDie scissors new born

scissors dodie adapted to the new born in the first month.
Manufacturer: Dodie


SKU: 6434998 Dodie scissors newborn short blades


Dodie scissors newborn blades short 1 + m are straight scissors adapted to cut safely small soft nails of baby of 1 month, thanks to their rounded ends.

Chisel newborn is an essential accessory to the care of your baby especially chosen to provide maximum comfort and security. The shape and length of the blades have been specially studied for use safely from young pus age.

indications Dodie scissors new born + 1 m:

  • Short blades for improved accuracy in the gesture.
  • Round tips for a safe use, for not to hurt baby.
  • Protective case provided for perfect hygiene and security.
  • Stainless steel blades.

operating tips:

Cutting baby's nails is part of her toilet and is essential to ensure that it does not scratch.

At the exit of the bath the nails are generally easier to cut.