DoDie Sachets of Conservation nursing 20 sachets


SKU 6313792 DoDie Sachets of Conservation nursing 20 Sachets


These practical and hygienic bags can contain up to 270 ml of breast milk, they offer you a simple and effective solution for storing breast milk in the refrigerator or freezer.

To avoid any risk of bacteria or other viruses for your child, these bags are pre-sterilized for optimum hygiene. Practical, integrated spout allows a transfer without loss of milk, and direct the bag bottle.

To facilitate its opening, the bag is already pre-cut slot, and a zip of protection has been added to avoid leakage. So you can note all the information, each bag is equipped with a writing surface to note the date and the quantity of milk collected. 0% BPA.

directions for use:

Read the instructions for use. Note: Bag for storage of breast milk.


20 270 ml sachets