DoDie refrigerated teether 2 in 1 Pink Orange

Teether designed with an orthodontist in order to effectively relieve painful gums of baby.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 2032429

DoDie refrigerated teether 2 in 1 Pink Orange 6 months and +.


DoDie refrigerated teether 2 in 1-6 months and + is a specially designed with an orthodontist teething ring in order to effectively relieve baby's sore gums.This ring allows you to facilitate the breakthrough dental, because it is perfectly adapted to the child's mouth to massage and soothe the gums.Its shape and its colours have been designed to encourage baby to chew teether. It combines several textured surfaces that relieve the inflamed gums.The upper part of the ring is filled with water, after a few hours spent in the fridge, the water is cooled so that the gums are soothed by the cold.The lower part is studied so that it is more challenging for chewing and saliva production that helps your baby to be better protected against the risk of cavities.The curved and ergonomic shape is perfectly suited to baby's hand, because it is easy to hold.

Using advice:

Wash teether before first use with warm water and mild soap.Wash regularly with warm water and SOAP and well rinse.For maximum efficiency, put teether in the refrigerator an hour maximum. Careful not to place in the freezer compartment or in the ice bin.


Relieve baby's gums.