DoDie pads and heating 2 1 breastfeeding 2 pads

Stimulates hot, cold soothes. Ideal for feeding baby and relieve MOM.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 6313183 DoDie pads warm or cool 2 in 1 breastfeeding 2 pads


Hot nursing pads / cold 2 1 x 2 effective and gentle for the skin. Bearings hot/cold 1 Dodie 2 will be the best allies of your breastfeeding thanks to their double action:

hot-A: effect decongestant which stimulates milk and facilitates the flow of milk

cold-A: anesthetic effect that soothes pain and reduces inflammation.

directions for use:

Slide the pads in its protective cover. Use hot: place the pad in the microwave for 30 seconds maximum. If the temperature is not sufficient, heat again by compensate 10 seconds without exceeding 1 minute in total.

Use cold: place in refrigerator (2 h) or freezer (1 h), apply the pad on your breast with the opening facing down. Let the maximum 20 minutes.


2 pads