DoDie nipples Silicone pass wide flow 2 set of 2

anti-colique, anti-regurgitation, anti-aerophagie, nipple for infants of less than 6 months.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 5444115 Dodie nipple Silicone collar Large 1 age flow 2

indications Dodie nipple Silicone collar Large 1 age flow 2:

end wide and round is designed to be similar to the shape of the breast of the mother and thus adapt to the baby's mouth.

These grooves prevent pasting of walls when the bottle is taken.

Regular traffic is permitted grpace to its valve. Thus, these nipple limit the risk of aerophagia, regurgitation and colic.

Silicone nipple extra soft, smooth and flexible to facilitate the feeding of baby.

These 3 speeds, easy to spot even at night, adapt to the rhythm of baby's bottle making. It is possible to change the speed during the feeding.

His wide collar allows the baby's mouth ouvertre.

These teats are formulated for infants 0-6 months.