DoDie nipple Silicone pass wide rate 4 liquid thick Pack of 2

anti-colique, anti-regurgitation, anti-aerophagie, silicone nipple wide neck for more than 6 months babies.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 5444204 Dodie nipples Silicone rate 4 liquid thick 2nd age

indications Dodie Silicone rate 4 liquid heavy nipples 2nd age:

end round and wide, similar to the shape of the mother's womb, ets as well adapted to the shape of the baby's mouth.

These streaks avoid pasting of walls during the bottle.

Its valve allows flow of air on a regular basis and limits the risk of aerophagia, colic and indigestion.

Silicone, extra soft, flexible and smooth for an easier feeding infant.

Designed with 3 different speeds, these teats fit the appetite of baby even during the bottle.

His wide collar encourages the baby to open his mouth.

Pacifiers designed for thick liquids and babies over 6 months.