DoDie nipple Silicone pass narrow flow 3 Pack of 2

teat dodie flow 3, specially designed for thick liquids.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 6555207 DoDie nipple Silicone Col narrow liquid thick flow 3 (x 2)


Because it is essential to choose a teat adapted to the tastes of baby in form and material, Dodie created nipples for every age and every need. The infants colic are frequent and often due to a too-full of air swallowed during feeding.

The narrow neck silicone nipple has a two piece anti-colic system and throughput 3 specially designed for the passage of thick as soup liquid when feeding baby diversifies.

indications Dodie teat collar narrow + 6 months:

  • 3 speed to a rate adapted to the appetite of baby;
  • Slot tear patented more than security;
  • Sealing ring that allows good position the teat in the ring of the bottle;
  • Anti-colique system by the presence of 3 strips of air at the base of the nipple control.
  • Teats 1st age have a short and slender suction tip for easy grasping.

The + of the narrow neck teat:

  • Approved by an orthodontist;
  • Suction tip tapered to facilitate grasping
  • Sold by box 2 teats;
  • Is first age, second age and second age thick liquid.

operating tips:

It is recommended to sterilize the nipples before their first use and after each of them. Nipples support a sterilation cold or hot.