DoDie my neck cramped games green 330ml bottle

Bottle full Dodie anti-colique valve with variable flow teat.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 6435035 DoDie my neck cramped animals green 330 ml bottle


Dodie laboratories have developed a bottle to the narrow pass with a silicone nipple that mimics natural as breast suckling.

My baby bottle 330ml narrow neck has a variable flow silicone nipple. Designed by Dodie laboratories for the first months of baby. This bottle is equipped with an anatomical round tip to better adapt to the mouth of the nourrisssons and meet their development.

My dodie bottle nipple is extra soft silicone for a comfortable breastfeeding without getting tired. Equipped with a two piece anti-colic system this Dodie bottle allows a breastfeeding baby's rhythm without swallowing too much air. This phenomenon is most often responsible for painful colic in infants during the first months.

Dodie has designed a bottle to the ergonomic, easy to open, Cap that arises without rolling.

Cute animal decor in ride for baby awakening.

Tips for using my bottle neck cramped Dodie:

It is recommended to sterilize and wash the full bottle before its first use and after each of them. This bottle supports hot or cold sterilization.