DoDie lollipop night anatomical Silicone 0-6 months no. 29

Anatomical night silicone pacifier 1 age 0-6 months

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 5411133 Dodie lollipop night anatomical Silicone 0-6 months N 29

Properties Dodie lollipop night no. 29:

Pacifier anatomical night that glow in the dark silicone.

It meets the needs of baby sucking and adapts very well to him. It brings a feeling of comfort and thanks his shield with holes, avoids it any possible irritation of the skin. Its button is limuneux and lights during the night.

It offers easy maintenance in the mouth.

Its anatomical shape is convenient, because the pacifier should not follow a certain sense in the mouth and it still provides a good position. His fine shield fully respects the natural development of baby.

Tips for using Dodie lollipop night no. 29:

Before first use, hold the pacifier over water and the teat in the water for 5 minutes in boiling water. Let cool or cold sterilised.

For each use, clean the soother in warm, soapy water.

Change your pacifier at least every six weeks before it is too damaged and unusable.