DoDie lollipop anatomical Silicone star + 18 months no. 37

Lollipop anatomical silicone for girl + 18 months

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 541097E Dodie lollipop anatomical silicone star + 18 months N 37

Properties lollipop girl + 18 months:

Perfect Soother for small girls over 18 months.

Its anatomic form guarantee a good position in the mouth and its ribbed breastshield is resistant to the arrival of the first teeth. His shield in tritan provides ideal support in the mouth and its ventilation holes protect the skin against irritation possible.

His ring allows secure suction and easy removal of the soother.

This lollipop light and very nice, fully meets the needs of baby.

lollipop girl + 18 months operating tips:

On first use, dip the teat in boiling water for 5 minutes then remove it and leave it to cool.

For other uses, bie clean the soother before each use soapy water avce.

Pacifier change approximately every six weeks.