DoDie lollipop anatomical Silicone heart N13B Lot of 2

Respects the natural reflex of suction while offering comfort and healing. For more than 6 months.
Manufacturer: Dodie
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SKU 2642636C Dodie lollipop anatomical Silicone heart N 13B

indications Dodie lollipop anatomical Silicone N 13 (b):

his shield in tritan allows a good maintenance in the mouth while being comfortable and light.

Se fine teat complies with the growth of the baby's mouth.

Its anatomical shape or symmetrical offers a good position by being reversisble.

His ring button system allows an easy and safe withdrawal.

Its ventilation holes limited the risk of initiation of the contour of the mouth.

Tips for using Dodie lollipop anatomical Silicone N 13:

pacifier must be plangee in boiling water for 5 minutes before first use.

Wash the soother before each use with SOAP and water.

To comply with the conditions of hygiene and safety, the pacifier should be changed every 6 weeks.

Pacifiers for babies over 6 months.