DoDie lollipop anatomical Silicone Duo day/night + 6 months no. 41

anatomical Soother Dodie day and night. Silicone nipple for the + 6 months.
Manufacturer: Dodie


SKU 4123857 Dodie lollipop anatomical Silicone + 6 months N 41


Developed by specialistses of the laboratory Dodie, anatomical lollipops perfectly meet the natural sucking need of the baby. He is comforted and soothed.

  • Ventilation holes: reducing the risk of irritation
  • System ring-button: easy and secure the pacifier withdrawal
  • fine Breastshield: respect for the natural development of the baby's mouth
  • anatomical shape: ensures a good position of the pacifier.
  • Tritan shield: comfortable and lightweight, fine mouth retention

Tips for using Dodie lollipop anatomical Silicone n 41:

Before 1st use, maintain the soother immersed for 5 minutes in boiling water and let cool or sterilize cold. before each use, clean the soother in warm, soapy water (no detergent or washing-up liquid). At the first sign of wear see the.