DoDie lollipop anatomical Silicone chick 0-6 months no. 27

Anatomical Soother silicone animal drawing 1 age 0 to 6 months
Manufacturer: Dodie


SKU 5411104P Dodie lollipop anatomical animal Silicone 0-6 months N 27

Properties animal pacifier 1 age:

Anatomical Soother silicone ideal for babies 0-6 months. It offers baby a real feeling of comfort when the suction.

Thanks to his fine shield and silicone, the development of the baby's mouth is fully respected. Its anatomical shape allows it to be reversible and fits nicely even when changing position. His shield lightweight and designed with holes reduces irritation of the skin and allows a good maintenance in the mouth.

The ring secures the suction and allows you to quickly remove the soother.

Tips for using animal pacifier 1 age:

For the first use of the pacifier, the dip in boiling water for 5 minutes.

For every use, thoroughly clean it with soapy water, then rinse the.

Change the soother approximately every six weeks to keep health and safety.

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