DoDie lollipop anatomical Silicone + 6 months no. 13 Lot of 2 lollipops


SKU 264263D Dodie Sucette Anatomique Silicone +6 Mois N13 Lot De 2 Sucettes


Dodie lollipop 2nd Age silicone with ring is equipped with a shield and a suitable shield. The pacifier has the shape of the Palace of the mouths of infants.

directions for use:

Pacifier to infants. We recommend that you do not attach Ribbon or cord to the pacifier because your child may be strangled. Do not leave the soother more long that recommended in a sterilising solution, do not soak the pacifier in sweet for him give taste and especially replace all 6 weeks because of hygiene and security.


Lot of 2 lollipops