DoDie Initiation + purple collar wide 330ml bottle

Bottles for more than 6 months with two piece anti-colic system.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 4757421 DoDie Initiation + purple 330 ml bottle


The Evolution of laboratories Dodie bottles are equipped with a two piece anti-colic valve, their silicone nipple has a flow of 3, i.e. specially adapted to the babies over 6 months, as well as thicker as the soup liquid when feeding baby diversifies.

Its anatomical teat adapts perfectly to baby's mouth. Silicone it will have a longer life compared to the rubber. The ergonomic shape allows baby to keep it well, it is also equipped with a leak-proof system. It will follow you throughout your travels without risk. Dodie range bottles are guaranteed without bisphenol A.

Tips for using Evolution Dodie purple 330ml bottle:

It is recommended to wash and Sterilise baby bottles after each use.