DoDie Initiation + pink collar wide 330ml bottle

Bottle evolution + allowing regular milk traffic for more than 6 months babies

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 5443587 DoDie Initiation + Rose 330 ml bottle

indications Dodie Evolution + Rose 330 ml bottle:

its Easy Airest silicone nipple, extra soft, smooth and flexible is suitable for baby thanks to its wide and round tip's mouth.

The onset of colic is limited and regular circulation of air through the valve.

This teat and adapts to the appetite of baby with 3 different speeds.

Bottle, meanwhile, easy to clean and fill with a wide neck.

Its triangular shape is adapted for a better grip of the MOM and the baby.

The air inlet is regulated by the clamping ring.

Cap ergonomic leak.

wash Dodie Evolution + Rose 330 ml bottle:

before use, the bottle must be boiled for 5 minutes with the teat and accessories.

Wash the bottle then rinse it.

It is important to wash the nipple by hand before each bottle.

All parts of the bottle can be washed in the dishwasher.

heating Dodie Bhandari Evolution + Rose 330 ml:

once completed, place the bottle opened in the center of the microwave and heat.