DoDie Initiation + Lagoon 270 ml bottle

An anti-colique bottle with wide neck for the 0-6 months.
Manufacturer: Dodie
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SKU 2019446


Dodie bottle anti-colique flow 2 wide neck has been developed to promote mixed breastfeeding and the transition from breast to bottle. The silicone nipple extra flexible flow 2 'middle' in the same shape and the same sweetness as the breast of the mother with a base expanded to comfort baby during the meal. Through its three speeds, and its anti-colique action, anti-regurgitation and anti-aerophagie, your baby may breastfeed continuously at its own pace and without getting tired. The Easy patented air system limit colic, regurgitation and the aerophagia by circulating the air regularly in the bottle.


Bottle anti - colic baby 0-6 months.

Operating tips:

Clean and Sterilise the feeding bottle before first use.


Nipple silicone. Without Bisphenol A bottle polypropylene.


Bottle Lagoon 270 ml.

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