DoDie Initiaion + blue Cosmonaut pass wide 270ml bottle

Bottle made in France, ideal with its Easy Air nipple, baby can drink at his own pace without the need to stop and without swallowing air.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 2019417 Dodie Biberon Initiaion+ Bleu Cosmonaute Col Large 270Ml


Result of 5 years of research, the bottle + INITIATION has a nipple with patented valve which helps to reduce the risk of colic, regurgitation and aerophagia. The triangular exclusive shape allows an easy grip for baby. Equipped with a teat 3 speeds to suit the appetite of baby, bottle + INITIATION is ideal for baby's first bottle. The + bottle + INITIATION:-made in France - anatomical teat extra soft silicone (flow 2) with patented valve that allows a regular air circulation and helps reduce the risk of colic, regurgitation and aerophagia. -Triangular shape fits the hand of baby. -Bottle polypropylene material not containing bisphenol a. - wide neck for easy cleaning. -Ergonomic Cap. -Tick marks corresponding to measures of infant formula. -Capacity: 270 ml. -0% Bisphenol-A (in accordance with the rules in force).


Bottle + teat 270 ml