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DoDie feedings days pads box 30

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SKU 6494701 DoDie cushion d feedings box 30

Indications: soft, Super-absorbent pads equipped with an adhesive. loss of milk between feedings. to absorb losses of milk between feedings, they possess a sailing very soft and comfortable texture and avoid the small inconvenience of breastfeeding (spots on clothes...). they know to be discrete under clothing, and stay in place thanks to the adhesive. very soft very flexible, with an anatomically shaped to avoid any pressure, Dodie pads adapt to all moms for maximum comfort.

Tips: after each feeding, wash and carefully dry the nipple and protect it with a pad with breastfeeding. Change it if it becomes wet.

Tips for breastfeeding in good conditions -clean the nipple to boiled water warm or mineral water. Dry thoroughly your breast (the moisture causing crevices). -sit. -during the feeding, make sure that your baby is getting all the nipple and if possible the birth of the areola into his mouth. -relax and let baby suckle at his pace, feeding becomes a moment of complete relaxation. -don't let not your baby chew the end of your breast. When he sucks more, remove it by inserting your finger into the corner of his mouth. -change of breast at each feeding.

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