DoDie electric bottle warmer

Bottle and jars heating electric scalable, fast, automatic and universal!

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 7297090 DoDie electric bottle warmer

For more than 55 years Dodie continues to revolutionize the world of bottle-feeding. It is for example the origin of the first triangular bottle and teat 3 speeds. Today, Dodie invites you to discover an innovative and easy to use bottle warmer.

Fast, the bottle warmer heats food and milk without altering the nutrients and vitamins and even with frozen or refrigerated foods.

Automatic, the bottle warmer notifies you when the bottle is ready and will order automatically after the end of its heater.

Universal, it fits all bottles wide and narrow col.

Evolutionary, it also heats the small pots and jars of conservation.

contents of the box:

Here are the various items contained in the box the bottle warmer:

  • hot tub
  • a removable basket
  • a ring to accommodate narrow neck bottle
  • a water pod
  • a button on
  • a power cable