DoDie Cabinet Essentials

Anti-colique bottles, boxes filling machines and sprinklers.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 2659855 DoDie Cabinet Essentials


Cabinet Essentials of Dodie has the indispensable for feeding baby. It includes: 3 anti-colique bottles (round end nipple, teat 3 speeds and anti-colique patented valve), metering box (3 compartments) and a brush (rinse-teat integrated, extra-large brush head).

Each bottle has a nipple tipped round for a feeding natural as breast, 3 speed to adapt to the rhythm of feeding, a patented valve anti-colique so your baby can drink without swallowing air.

directions for use:

Brush: use with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. The brush is dishwasher safe. Is not suitable for electric sterilization or the passage in the microwave. This brush needs to be renewed at the first sign of wear. Do not keep out of reach of children, this brush is not a toy.

Metering box: wash and sterilize all parts before first use.

Bottle: before first use, boil the bottle, teat and Dodie accessories for 5 minutes. Wash the bottle with SOAP using a soft brush, then rinse before each use. Before each use, clean the nipple by hand. Examine and draw the teat in all directions. The throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness. Do not directly expose the teat to the Sun or heat. If you heat a Dodie bottle in the microwave, place the right bottle, opened and filled.

Caution: before feeding your baby, think of good stir the food heated to heat through, and to test the temperature. The heating in the microwave can cause locally high temperatures.

For sterilizing cold, follow the instructions for use. Ensure not to let the soother in the sterilising solution more long than shown and well drain the bottle and nipple before preparing the bottle. For hot (steam or microwave), although sterilization follow the advice of the instructions for the used appliance.


This set contains: - 1 bottle 330ml, - 1 bottle 270ml - 1 bottle 150ml - 1 metering box (separable, stackable, screw) - 1 bottle brush available.