DoDie brush 2 in 1 blue

SKU: 4109024 DoDie brush 2 in 1 blue


This brush 2 in 1 Dodie adapts to all types of wide neck bottles. Its brush head extra large with a cutting edge allows a thorough cleaning of the corners of the bottle. The fibres are flexible, to gently clean the walls of the bottle. They are anti-bacterial nylon for better hygiene. Assembly of the hairs is dense to effectively remove milk residues. Its ergonomic handle provides a good grip. It is designed with a shape such that the sprinkler, once landed, has no part cleaning in contact with the work plan. the teat spray directly integrated in the handle preserves the nipple through his round tip and end with an end dig.

Tips for using brush 2 in 1 Dodie:

Past in the dishwasher. Fits wide neck bottles.