DoDie box dosing boy 3 compartments

Box filling machine for transporting powdered milk. metering box can prepare about 3 bottles.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 7995121 blue box dosing 3 compartments Dodie

Dodie brand N 1 product for baby in pharmacy invites you to discover its box metering to carry the baby powder milk. Specially designed for moms, the metering box Dodie can prepare about 3 bottles. It consists of 3 compartments and detachable screw and empilabes to minimize the footprint of this box. These compartments are equipped with a single lid for optimal conservation of doses. Compartment holds approximately 9 spoonfuls of milk.

the box dosing of Dodie is equipped with a spout that you can use for filling and a payment facility. the box is also equipped with a cap for an airtight transport doses of milk.

our pharmacists advice

don't forget to wash and sterilize correctly each element of the box dosing before first use

box dosing of Dodie contains no BPA