DoDie box bottle boy 2 x 270ml

SKU: 2029120 Dodie Coffret Biberon Garon 2 X 270Ml


Initiation + set of 2 bottles Anti-Colique 270 ml blue of Dodie are baby bottles for the 0-6 months equipped with a 2 medium flow teat.

With a design in triangular shape designed for baby hands.

Her pacifier 3 speeds will allow: Anti-colique, Anti-regurgitation, Anti-aerophagie, his wide collar allows easy cleaning and filling.

This bottle will give your a sensational baby tete as the breast. Take advantage of this special offer of 2 bottles. 0% BPA.

Bottle boy.

directions for use:

Wash and sterilize bottles before each use.


without Bisphenol A bottle silicone nipple polypropylene


2 baby bottle 270 ml