DoDie box bottle blue & purple 2 x 150ml

SKU: 5444440 DoDie box bottle blue & Purple 2 x 150 ml


Dodie laboratories have developed the bottles + Initiation with a capacity of 150ml. The bottles are equipped with a two piece anti-colic valve for the greatest comfort of baby. This valve regulates the passage of air in the nipple when the baby feeding. In fact, too full of air is often responsible for stomach cramps and regurgitation in infants. In addition, initiation bottles are equipped with a nipple silicone 1 rate, specially adapted to the little ones. This teat first age silicone has a high resistance in time compared to the rubber. The Initiation bottles are guaranteed without bisphenol A.

Tips for using Dodie bottles Initiation 150ml lot 2:

Initiation bottles must be washed and sterilized after each use. They are suitable for hot or cold sterilization. It is important that suitable flow the teat to the age and your child sucking rhythm.