DoDie anatomical breast tips box 2

To continue to breastfeed in the event of pain or crevices.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 4362266 Dodie anatomical breast tips box 2

indications: ends of anatomical breast silicone flexible and resistant to taste neutral protects the cracked nipples or sore. use at time of feeding. anatomical breast DODIE ends perfectly match the shape of your nipple. Thanks to their curved shape, the ends of breast remain in place during the feeding.

Cutout shape allows the baby's nose is still in contact with your skin: it touches, you feel and can suckle serenely, always stimulating your milk rising. The holes are wide enough to allow a smooth flow of milk into the baby's mouth.

The neutral taste of the silicone will allow you to resume as soon as possible feeding directly to the breast. Breast ends meet so the comfort of MOM and baby welfare, without it disrupting.

Cutout for a contact maintained between MOM and baby. tip and holes wide to facilitate feeding. Form curved to stay well in place on the breast Silicone flexible and resistant, neutral taste Sterilizable hot or cold Sold by 2 box