Destination tea tasty sweetness of Orange (20 bags)

the tea tasty sweetness of Orange combines the gentle action of the rooibos with exotic and tangy zest of orange tips.
Manufacturer: Destination Bio
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SKU 1108684 destination tea tasty sweetness of Orange (20 bags)


sweetness of the sweet orange and vanilla to enjoy throughout the year without hesitation. Orange Blossom sweetness, softness of skin without skin Orange, this infusion without caffeine is a delicious bouquet floral, fruity, source hydration and softness in depth. A pure moment of relaxation and pleasure in the exquisite flavor before bedtime.

operating tips:

get to the day the day your infusions at the rate of a bag per Cup. You can BREW 6 bags in 1.5 L of water, even cold. Drink throughout the day 100 C - 5 min.


Rooibos, orange peel and natural orange flavours