Destination tea gourmet Ginger Zest (20 bags)

the herbal gourmet Ginger Zest offers a tonic and energising drink to the with lemon taste.
Manufacturer: Destination Bio
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SKU 1108685 destination tea gourmet Ginger Zest (20 bags)


a travel group, a rich and lively taste, a whip recipe. Ginger Zest is a delicious and refreshing, ideal composition for good start to the day, continue a night, before practising a sport or simply at any time to make the full of vitality.

operating tips:

Prepare for the day the day your infusions at the rate of a bag per Cup. You can BREW 6 bags in 1.5 L of water, even cold. Drink throughout the day 100 C - 5 min.


ginger, zest of lemon, peppermint, lemon verbena.