Destination tea gourmet After Mint (20 bags)

the gourmet tea After Mint offers a drink all smoothly at the tips of chocolate, mint and cinnamon

Manufacturer: Destination Bio

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SKU: 1108683

destination tea gourmet After Mint (20 bags)


brewing at the cold, both spicy and sweet, After mint perfume is a powerful aromatic composition of an incredible freshness.

the Mint Peppermint-cocoa association leaves Palace very pleasant aromatic notes, including its Minty, ideal flavor at the end of a good meal. Enjoy it in small SIPs.

operating tips:

get to the day the day your infusions at the rate of a bag per Cup. You can BREW 6 bags in 1.5 L of water, even cold. Drink throughout the day.


Mint, chocolate, cinnamon and natural aromas