Destination Premium Infusion Verbena Mint 20 bags

infusion of Verbena Mint in sealed individual pouch preserving the active ingredients and delicious flavours.
Manufacturer: Destination Bio
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SKU 1001403 destination Premium Infusion Verbena Mint 20 bags


This Verbena - Peppermint assemblage, with very fragrant leaves, gives you a refreshing infusion and soft at the same time. In its version concentrated (2a3 pouches for 10 ml water), she brings a touch of originality to your vanilla ice.

Infusion organic Verbena Mint operating tips:

A very aromatic, tonic and invigorating BREW with an intense flavor. Prepare for the day the day your infusions at the rate of a bag per Cup. You can BREW 6 bags in 1.5 L of water, even cold. Drink throughout the day 100 C - 5 min.


Verbena * (70%), mint * Peppermint (30%) * resulting from biological agriculture.