Destination Premium BREW red Rooibos vanilla 100g


SKU 1000533 Destination Premium Infusion Rouge Rooibos Vanill 100G


The Rooibos, treasure of South Africa, is the official and traditional drink. This infusion is drunk by everyone including children since it without caffeine, soft and fruity, with hints of vanilla. Endemic, it only grows in this region of the South West of the South Africa, the Cedarberg and nowhere else in the world! Traditional drink of the bushmen, the original values of this country thus continues in this infusion. It is declined there with aromatics very varied as tea with us, or in combination with other plants (Chamomile, lemon, hibiscus flowers, rose buds). Some ranges are specifically developed for children who deviate a time soi little sodas or other 'synthetic drinks'


Rooibos * South Africa (95%), aroma natural vanilla * (5%) - * from organic farming - system control this - underline: products of fair trade (95% of the total volume)


package 100 g