Destination Infusion lime-Mint of Bavaria (15 sachets)

Infusion lime-Mint of Bavaria offers a time gourmet and taste through clear-cutting Herbalism and the selection of higher plants.

Manufacturer: Destination Bio

SKU: 1108676 Destination Infusion lime-Mint of Bavaria (15 sachets)


This silver Linden bracts associated with Mint peppery, Bavaria remains one of the latest references for infusion. Particularly smooth, intense honey notes, this triad is an exceptional length in the mouth.

Cup made Herbalism just before packaging maximizes the preservation of their active ingredients, essential oils and intensity of flavors. You will appreciate the virtues and especially the greedy nature of these essential plants and creative recipes into delicious liqueurs.

indications Infusion lime Mint of Bavaria:

100 C -6 min


Lime bract silver, peppermint - derived from organic farming - EC control system.