Destination Bio brewing times O Night bulk 50g

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Destination Bio Infusion Moments O Night Vrac 50G


Infusions Grandes Tables are the result of the expertise of Destination. We have traveled the world in search of the best plants. They are harvested over the beautiful spring and summer months in their natural region of growth, dried the air and protected from light. The noble part of the plants, called "superior", is used to reveal the quintessence of flavours. Cup made Herbalism just before packaging optimizes the preservation of their active ingredients, essential oils and intensity of flavors. Enjoy the virtues and especially the greedy nature of these essential plants and creative recipes into delicious liqueurs. O' Night is the infusion of the evening by excellence. An invitation to travel where the sweetness of vanilla blends notes of orange, ideal for us support in a pure moment of relaxation and pleasure to exquisite taste.

directions for use:

Eat evening / 100 C - 6 min


Rooibos, orange peel, orange - flavour from organic - farming system control this


Box 50 g