Dermophil Indian Stick lips sea and mountain SPF20 4g

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FPS20, protective care is used when any sun exposure.Stick lip texture soft, g out of orange.

Manufacturer: Dermophil Indien

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SKU: 2200040 Dermophil Indian Stick lips sea and mountain SPF20 4 g


This lip stick strengthens the protection of the lips against the cold, the wind, dehydration and Sun intensity average protective filter index 20, at sea and in the mountains.

smooth care enriched with agents regenerating and soothing, s has soft, brick, colored dough prevents dryness of the sensitive lip mucosa and stimulates its regeneration.


Ideal for athletes and children. Applications are to be renewed frequently to maintain adequate protection. P had to apply under the red lipstick.


lanolin wax, retinol Palmitate (vitamin A), natural Alphabisabolol, UVA - UVB sunscreens, basic anti-aging, paraben-free, preservative-free. Details below:

  • UVA - UVB sunscreens protect the lips of solar radiation (index SPF 20).
  • vitamin A nourishes and softens the labial mucosa.
  • protective excipient blend of waxes to enhance protection in cold, wind, dryness of the lips, and prevent their dehydration. Drop point 75 C


Number of reviews : 1
Average rating : 4 /5
E. Jade
  the 06/09/2016
4/ 5
Great lipstick for summer