Dermophil Indian Stick lip flavor Litchi 4g

The Stick lip litchi Dermophil Indian flavor allows intensive protection of fragile lips.

Manufacturer: Dermophil Indien

SKU: 2200027 Dermophil Indien Stick Lvres Saveur Litchi 4G


Gourmet flavor and pleasure of the fragile lips protection.

Protects and softens the lips sensitive and/or vulnerable course.

Texture smooth, soft, pale pink dough.

Formula 100% taste, dcor spirit exoticism, an intense aroma 'lychee', a soft texture for a pleasure of the lips of the large and small protection.

Good tolerance on the labial mucosa tested under medical supervision.

directions for use:

Apply as often as desired, throughout the year.

Not coloured lips.


Protective - PARABEN - PRESERVATIVE-free vehicle


Stick 4 g