Dermophil Indian Stick lip Dermokids vanilla

all wearing yellow, a sweet stick to the sweet fragrance of flowers of the Islands.

Manufacturer: Dermophil Indien

SKU: 7193367 Dermophil Indian Stick lip Dermokids vanilla

This lip stick is designed specifically for juniors whose fragile mucous membranes need to be permanently protected against cold, wind, heat and air conditioning who assault. Dental appliances, often doors at this age and can also damage the lips.


Shea butter: nourishes and softens the lining labial weakened.

Vitamin E: captures the free radicals responsible for aging skin premature.

Alpha - Bisabolol: soothes the parched lips and damaged.

Filters UVA - UVB: protect the lips of the solar radiation

aromas and natural dyes: flavour and naturally color the stick for a 'pleasure' application.

protective excipient: mixture of waxes, strengthens protection from cold and drying lips.