Dermophil Indian Chapping crevices care hands 50ml

Restorative for dry hands and damaged care.
Manufacturer: Dermophil Indien


SKU 2200627 Dermophil Indian Chapping crevices care hands 50 ml


Dermophil Indian has developed a restorative, soothing intensive treatment for damaged hands.

with a too thin hydrolipidic film and little sebum, the skin of the hands is very fragile. Constantly assaulted, she became quickly vulnerable and requires special care.

Enriched with active promoting regeneration of damaged tissues, this intensive treatment for the hands immediately soothes painful areas, in case of cracks or crevices. The association of protective, nutritional agents in a film-forming basis enables the reconstruction of the epidermis.

operating tips

cream hands chapped skin and crevices apply 1 to 2 times per day, locally on the areas concerned until improvement of your skin condition.

you can use, in parallel to the daily, the cream hands and fingernails of Indian dermophil nourish and soften your skin.

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