Dermophil Indian care Pearly lips coral Pearl taste apricot 2g

tinted moisturizer, dresses and protects your lips. Learn more
Manufacturer: Dermophil Indien
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SKU 2200571 Dermophil Indian care Pearly lips coral Pearl taste apricot 2 g


a stick lips to apricot taste that dress up the lips with a protective veil coral Pearl

it is brilliant as a lipstick, gourmand like sweets, but it's a treatment hypernourrissant and protective, rich in Shea butter, vitamin E anti-free radicals and Alpha-Bisabolol soothing

a boon for including the fragile lining lips still needs protection against the Sun's rays but also against the cold, wind, heat and air conditioning that attack it and the dry out.

operating tips

A use as often as necessary and according to your desires. with its fruity aroma and its Pearly colour, this stick make-up and perfume the lips at the discretion of the cravings and seasons.

2 in 1 beauty care, it can be used in daily protection as often as desired and leaves a film on the lips whose color and aroma intensifies if the application is more insistent.

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