Dermalex Repair Gel for Psoriasis hair 75g

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Care reducing the itching, inflammation and flaking of the scalp
Manufacturer: Dermalex


SKU 5380272 Dermalex Repair Gel against Psoriasis hair


this treatment is specially formulated to effectively reduce itching and inflammation at the level of the scalp as well as the scaling of the skin.

Gel against the Dermalex capillary Psorasis is also recognized for its normalizing to the level of the skin cells and thus accelerate the repair of the skin barrier.


Apply this treatment to the scalp pushing hair.

Spread the gel onto the lesions in circular motions and let dry snas rinse.

Do 2 applications per day. Reapply after each shampoo.

Can be used as often as desired.

From age 6.


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C. Aleyda
  the 09/04/2016
5/ 5
really especial