Dermagor Psocalm 250ml

DERMO-cleansing SCALY skins
Manufacturer: Dermagor


SKU 4803658 Dermagor Psocalm 250 ml

the DERMO-cleansing of skin SQUAMEUSES

Hygienotherapie and maintenance of skin during chronic scaly localized or generalized, for immediate relief and comfort skin durable.

dosed at 3% salicylic acid, PSOCALM is a hygiene care dedicated to squamous States and specifically in the case of psoriasis.
salicylic acid at concentrations of 2-10% reduces the thickness of plates and facilitates the removal of the dander.
it increases the absorption and by way Consequently, the effectiveness of the corticosteroids and other treatments topical anti-psoriasis.

Dermo-cleansing keratolytic and soothing

Face, body and scalp
irritated And scaly
Accompaniment of dermatological treatments

operating tips:
to be used in the shower. Apply a small amount, emphasizing particularly parched and desquamated areas. Lather, leave a few minutes on the body, a little more at the level of the scalp, then rinse thoroughly.

use, one to two times per day, until the skin condition :< improvement br / >-outbreaks with significant thickening in plate, the stratum corneum
-at the level of the areas of friction
-according to dermatologist Council
then continue , in maintenance, 1-2 times per week or more if necessary.

upon contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
Do not use in children under 36 months, or on areas with lesions.

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