Dermagor Matiderm cream purity 40ml

purity matifying cream and seboregulatrice

Manufacturer: Dermagor



SKU: 5360973 Dermagor Matiderm cream purity 40 ml


Matiderm care purity acts on the set of the factors responsible for the brilliance and irregular terrain of mixed skin and/or fat. a patented active ingredient seboregulateur exerts a mattifying action and long corrective time addressing the main causes of seborrhoea. absorbent agent picks up excess sebum and immediately neutralizes the effect of gloss.


Care matifying and balancing combination skin and / or fat. in addition to dermatological anti-acne treatments.


A applied evenly over the entire face and neck perfectly cleaned. Fine, silky and pleasantly scented, this emulsion penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film for effect mattifying immediate and long-term