Dcramp box of 40 tablets

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SKU: 6151303 Dcramp box of 40 tablets


micro-nutritional preparation of trace minerals and aromatic extracts of Arnica montana that contribute to prevent and reduce involuntary contractions of muscles.

operating tips:

2 tablets morning and night for periods of 10 to 15 days each month. In anticipation or during muscular effort including sports, take 3 to 6 capsules a day. To promote the assimilation, dissolve each tablet under the tongue. Take preferably outside meals.


phosphate, magnesium 10-8 g / kg. chloride potassium 10-8 g / kg. copper metal 10-8 g / kg extracted aromatic d "Arnica montana 10-8 g / kg. yeast 2.5 mg. lactose sucrose carboxymethylamidon. magnesium stearate.



box of 40 tablets.



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W. John
  the 08/01/2018
4/ 5
To have found Dcramp is a great relief. Uk is sadly deficient in effective remedies for leg cramps