dBb Remond white bath thermometer

bath thermometer, shape fish.
Manufacturer: dBb Remond


SKU 7341005 dBb Remond white bath thermometer

Properties :

laboratory dBb Remond puts all its know-how at the service of your baby.

dBb Remond bath fish white thermometer allows you to help you find the right temperature of water for bathing your child.

The fun shape bath thermometer is consistent with security requirements.

dBb Remond white bath thermometer operating tips:

  • Shake the thermometer deep into the bath water, and then read the temperature displayed.

  • Temperature of the bath for a child is around 37 C.

  • Do not give a too-hot bath (38 C) or too cold (36 C).

  • Do not leave in the hands of children.

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