dBb Remond Soother Silicone new born pink


SKU 2104554 dBb Remond Soother Silicone new born pink

Properties :

dBb Rmond is the laboratory specializing in the needs of small children. It develops innovative accessories for baby's comfort and facilitates the lives of young parents. It has developed a pacifier for new born.

The shape of the breastshield of this lollipop respects the small mouth of the newborn.
a very soft silicone has been used to the teat to facilitate the suction.
flange polypropylene without Bisphenol-A is aerated for not sticking to the baby's skin.

Tips for using dBb lollipop new born:

Wash and Sterilise the soother before first use and after each of them. At the slightest sign of wear have pacifier.

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