dBb Remond Soother Silicone Dragonfly pink 0-4 months

SKU: 7952465 dBb Soother Silicone Dragonfly Rose 0-4 months

Properties dBb lollipop Dragonfly:

Pacifier dBb Remond equipped with a cover Cap protecting the breastshield, making clever and hygienic. It closes in on the shield as soon as the child loose pacifier.

Finished the dirty lollipops!

Airy flange plastic. Physiological Soother silicone, translucent blue color of 0 to 4 months (age 1).

dBb lollipop Dragonfly operating tips:

A the 1st use pacifiers must be sterilized for 5 minutes.

Clean before each use. Check the wear of the pacifier often.

A damaged pacifier must be Pier. never attach the pacifier to a tape or a free cord.