dBb Remond Set small Pots x 6

set of jars dBb Remond for baby meals.

Manufacturer: dBb Remond

SKU: 2104637 dBb Remond Set small Pots x 6


The dBb Remond laboratory specialises in childcare products. It develops the innovative accessories for the comfort of your baby but also of his MOM.

Set of 6 Small Pots dBb Remond with lids tightly keeps food baby. indeed, this set of 6 pots with capacity 120 ml lids is perfectly suited for the meal of the child These pots have a translucent body of different colors to identify more easily the content without the need to open. Without Bisphenol A. Multicolore

Set small Pots dBb Remond operating tips:

wash the jars before their first use.

Airtight, they are perfect to hold baby meals.