dBb Remond Set freezer Pots x 2

SKU: 5434298 dBb Remond Set Pots from freezing x 2


DBb Remond laboratories provide a range of innovative products adapted to every age of your child.

DBb specialists have developed a set of pots from freezing to eat baby. the Set of 2 Pots freezing dBb Remond have a capacity of 190 ml and 300 ml each. It has capabilities adapted to the child meals. Polypropylene and bisphenol A, they have a lid and for maximum comfort of use, are suitable:

  • microwave
  • dishwasher safe
  • in the freezer
  • to the refrigerator

operating dBb Remond Pots from freezing tips:

cleaning before first use. Fill the jar and close the lid. Take care to carefully close the lid before storing the pot in the refrigerator, freezer or transportation.