dBb Remond pacifier Pacifier blue + 3 months

Pacifier Pacifier to the coating soft and ergonomic shape for the respect of the baby's mouth.

Manufacturer: dBb Remond

SKU: 4797366 dBb Remond pacifier Pacifier blue + 3 months

Laboratories dBb Remond provide you accessories to the tip of the innovationpour the comfort of your baby.


The pacifier Pacifier dBb Rmond is a lollipop that perfectly respects the development ofthe baby's mouth, it is very airy and has a ring inorder to fix a pacifinder.

the button and the flange ring are manufactured in a plastic without BPA. The teat is silicone. Lateterelle is protected by a plastic cover to keep the own pacifier until its use. It is suitable for babies over 3 months. Its silicone nipple gives it a high resistance and high durability.

Tips for using pacifier Pacifier blue + 3 m:

Pacifier should be washed and steriliee before first use and after each it.