dBb Remond bottle white L.O + 4 months 330ml

Rajagopalan dBb white bottle wide neck and anti-colique valve for babies over 4 months.
Manufacturer: dBb Remond
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SKU 7129505 dBb Remond bottle white L.O + 4 months 330ml


dBb-Rmond is a brand that offers products and accessories for baby from the bottle to the changing bag. dBb-Rmond is the creator of the bottle screw and protects teat. Each brand innovation is validated by a team of professionals but also by moms.

This white L.O bottle is suitable for babies from 4 months. It has a large capacity, 330ml and may contain thick liquids such as soup. It is equipped with an anti-colique valve for the greatest comfort of baby. This valve limits the absorption of air during feeding. The absorption of too much air is responsible for the most by time of colic in infants. They are frequent between 0 and 3 months.

Teat Silicon high resistance and wide neck for easy cleaning.Bottle in Tritan without Bisphenol.

Tips for using Dbb Remond L.O white 330ml bottle:

  • A first use and before each use, clean the product with warm soapy water and rinse.
  • Then sterilize it 10 minutes by boiling or cold.
  • After each use, it will be cleaned and sterilized.

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